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Tuesday Feb 27, 2007

In this episode, you get a sneek peak of what happens before and after the show (“How Dustin met Patty), Emily reports “in the field” (and Patrick pays for it dearly), we attempt to review the movie “Stink of Flesh” (guess what, it STUNK!), I further explain my disapointment with the boardgame ZOMBIES, mention four free Zombie RPGs, discover another zombie podcast and hear part 2 of Night of the Living Gallagher’s on-going story “The Thaw.” I would like to give a special thanks to Night of the Living Gallagher for his story submissions and thanks to the Fried Geek for his technical advice and my blog page (did I mention that I have a blog? The link is on the right by our MySpace link). Thank you to everyone for listening. Every listener is a potential survivor..... or zombie....whatever.
Any questions, comments, ideas or insults, please (PLEASE!!!!!!) e-mail us at: zomcast@cox.net
• Official Grindhouse trailer
• Official web site of Resident Evil: Extinction
• The official Resident Evil: Extinction movie trailer
• Fido web site & trailer
• Zombie Nation
• Risen
• Zibahkhana” (Hell’s Ground)
• Zombies Gone Wild
• Horrors of War
• Book of the Dead: Necromancer
• Dead Fury’s website
• Dead Fury’s trailer
• Diamond Comics
• Living Dead: Glasgow
• “Zombie Girlfiend” by Jim of the Dead
WARNING! This trailer looks better than it really is:
• The Stink of Flesh trailer

Continued gaming rant:
• ZOMBIES!!! alternate rules
Free zombie RPGS:
• All Flesh Must Be Eaten Quick Start rules
• Dead and Back
• Zombie Plan RPG
• Regs Dregs & Zombies RPG
• The Midnight Podcast (main website) with Root Rot and Shell
• Here is The Midnight Podcast’s MySpace page
Gaming Podcasts that kick ass!
• Head Games Podcast
• Sons of Kryos
• 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction
The best “all around” podcast in the world (thanks again Nev and Sara for all of your support)!
• Does My Geek Look Big in This?

Tuesday Feb 13, 2007

For this episode, the ladies of ZomCast decide to drop by for slumber party, the news goes on for way too long, Dustin reviews Severed: Forest of the Dead, we all review a game called ZOMBIES!!!, give survival tips on fortifying your apartment complex, Night of the Living Galaghar shares part 1 of his story "The Thaw," and Patrick admits he has been faking it all this time.
About 30 seconds of the beginning (right before the news) was cut out for some reason and I am very sorry (GarageBand still has some problems).
Thank you everyone for putting up with us. We promise to investigate that "rabies incident" in Del City this week and report back to you guys for the next episode.
Any questions, comments, ideas or insults, please e-mail us at: zomcast@cox.net
• Zombie stripper! (thanks H.R. Tucker)
• Zombie Town
• Night of the Living Dead suppliment for GORE rpg
• Texas Zombie’s web site
• Rules for “Zombie Plauge” can be found here(thanks Selganor)
• Cold War Minatureshas a ton of zombie minatures for your zombie gaming (thanks to NeilTheScorpion from the AFMBE forum for mentioning this)
• The Podcast All Games Considered had a small play report about the roleplaying game “All Flesh Must Be Eaten.”
• Fido’s ZomCom web site
• Fido’s ZomCom info web site
• Pics of Fido can be seen here
• DIARY OF THE DEAD preview at Chicago Fango con!
• Yahoo Movies has an interview with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez about Grindhouse
• Undead or Alive’s web site
• Pics of Undead or Alive
• Worst Case Scenario
• Reese Eveneshen's upcoming 'Night Of The Living Dead' remake has a forum on Homepage of the Dead
• Zombie Farm
• Book Review of “Undead” at Creature Corner
• Xombie: Dead On Arrival the graphic novel for the on-line cartoon is now available onAmazon
• NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD folks at Chicago Fango con
• War of the Undead
• Zombies vs. Robots
• On-Line Zombie Fiction Home Page of the Dead & AFMBE: Flesh Fiction
• Zombie Dodgeball
• We would like to thank The Sound of Young America for use of the “Zombie Awareness Program” bumper!
• Severed-Forest of the Dead
• Night of the Living Galagher’s zombie campaign blog, MySpace page and Youtube page

Sunday Jan 21, 2007

We are soooo sorry for the long wait. We are here and alive and that is what matters!
In this episode we talk about Dustin's bad fortune, review the movie "Dead & Breakfast," try to give tips on what to do when you are in a grocery store during a zom-pocalypse, get feedback, come to terms the fact that Dustin need to rehearse his lines more and Patrick is one big greased up naked frozen meat wielding FREAK!
We are also happy to say that we are going to get help from a new part time member, "Night of the Living Gallagher," on gaming in a dead world (D20 home brew gaming goodness). He is also going to read some of his very own fiction (YAAAY!).
Any questions, comments, ideas or insults, please e-mail us at: zomcast@cox.net
• What kind of zombie are you?
• The Test of the Dead: 75 Questions of Bain Munching Fun
• Zombie Channel
• Zombie Town board game
• Evil Ted card game
• Terror 4 Fun (LARPing, zombie style)
• The Walking Dead
• Grindhouse Official Website
• Script review for Planet Terror
• Black Sheep Vs. Day of the Dead
• Zombie Movie
• 2 Chums Moving Pictures Web Site
• Deathscapes episode 1
• My Name is Bruce
• Greg Nicotero on "Diary of the Dead”
• Gallow Walker
• Zombie Movies of 2007 (Check movie's page)
• Anti Zombie League
• Dead & Breakfast
• All Games Considered
• Head Games

Wednesday Dec 20, 2006

The Ladies of ZomCast take over in our second part to "A Very Zombie Christmas." We have part 2 of Rafael Tehan's story "The Stench," and a short story by the Fried Geek called "Zombie Santa." Our very own Patrick O'Deadly reads one of his stories called "Tim the Zombie Killer."
WARNING! This episode contains lots and lots of violence! Of course it is aimed mostly at me, but Patrick gets a few bites of a back-hand sandwich too.
I would like to thank Raphael Tahan, Sarah Finn, Fried Geek, Patrick Porche and the ZomCast Coral Society: Mark, Leah, John, Emily, Dustin, Patrick, Christi, and the Mighty Juan (aka "El Tigger"). Thank you to all of the podcasts that played our promos and thank you to all of those who have down loaded our shows. Every listener is a potential survivor..... or potential zombie.
Enjoy the fluff episodes of the holidays because when we come back in mid-January (baring any zom-pocalypse) it will be all about kicking some zombie ass. So eat, drink and have a merry Christmas, because by Easter, there might be more than Jesus rising....
Any questions, comments, ideas or insults, please e-mail us at: zomcast@cox.net
• Does My Geek Look Big in This?
• Fried Geek
• Gamer: The Podcast
• Carols of the Living Dead (thank you SVJ!)

Sunday Dec 10, 2006

WARNING!: This episode is best served with alcohol (LOTS AND LOTS OF ALCOHOL)!
So, what do you get when you combine zombies, Christmas and too much wassail? A very embarrassing Christmas episode! We have lots of awful singing, media news, the first part of a great story called "The Stench" by Rafeal Tahen and shopping ideas for that difficult to buy for zombie freak. So sit back, have a drink, have another and enjoy this grand atrocity called ZomCast. Any questions, comments, ideas or insults, please e-mail us at: zomcast@cox.net
• Status report for George Remero’s Diary of the Dead: Bloody Disgusting.com, Dread Central, Fangoria, Eat My Brains and Homepage of the Dead
• Biophage
• Dead and Deader premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel Dec. 16t
• Night of the Living Dead, as done by cute, lovable bunnies
• Family Friendly version of Night of the Living Dead (WTF)?
• Raccoon City News
• What to do in case of a Zombie Attack
• Pre-orders for Xombie's illustrated novel
• The Talking Dead
• Lawsuit of the Living Dead
• Old Lord Skull
• All Flesh Must Be Eaten Forum
• Carols of the Living Dead (thank you SVJ!)
• Zombie Friends: It's social networking for zombies
• Thanks be to Raphael Tahan for the wonderful story "The Stench!"
• Thanks to Sarah from the podcast Does My Geek Look Big in This? for reading the story!
• Into The Dark
• Fangoria's Gore Store
I would like to welcome the new members of the ZomCast crew: Patrick O'Deadly, Dead Like Emily and Mortum Christi (aka "Mrs. of the Dead). Thanks to Mark, Leah, John and the rest of the ZomCast Choir for helping us butcher classic Christmas tunes!

Monday Nov 20, 2006

Z'notes (ZomCast Show Notes):
It's here! Sorry for the delay! In this episode we have plenty of zombie movie announcements, reporting from a "zombie outbreak," two free games (Xombie RPG & Dawn of the Dead board game), I talk with my state rep and give thanks to all those who supported the first episode.
I seem to be limited to 34 minutes of recording time, so I am sorry that I did not read the e-mails and feedback (I will shorten the intro next time). I also was going to review the powerful drink called "Zombie: Awake the Dead" (my head is still buzzing). I would like to also thank Patrick, Emily and John for your help on the recording.
I am looking for people to do game reviews (board, RPG and video). If you are interested and have the ability to record your own review, please e-mail me at zomcast@cox.net. If anyone wants to contribute to the show in general (articles, e-mails, whatever), e-mail me too: zomcast@cox.net
• Dawn of the Dead board game (go to the games link)
• First week on the set of "Diary of the Dead"
• Fangoria's review of Night of the Living Dead 3D
• Genre Busters's Podcast zombie movie show: Zomcast
• Greek zombie film: "Evil"
• How to make your child look "zombiefied" using PhotoShop
• Pseudopod #6: "What Dead People are Supposed to Do"
• 28 Weeks Later trailer
• Wushu gaming system
• Xombie Play by post RPG
• Wicked Little Things
• Boardgame Geek's "Zombie Plague" page

Episode 1 (November 1st, 2006)

Thursday Nov 02, 2006

Thursday Nov 02, 2006

Z'notes ("ZomCast show notes")
On this first episode, I review the podcast "Alive Inside" by Darker Projects, review the board game "Mall of Horror," give a survival tip and share a song of mine that would sound great in a zombie movie.
If you have any questions of comments please contact me at zomcast@cox.net
• Alive Inside by Darker Projects
• Boardgame Geek's "Mall of Horror" page
• Day of the Dead Trailer on Movie Web
• News of "Diary of the Dead" from Fangoria
• Asmodee Editions (makers of "Mall of Horror")
• Escape Pod #39: My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie
• Steve Niles Blog comments on the comic "28 Days Later: Aftermath"
• Read the first issue of "Walking Dead" here
• Xombie the online Flash cartoon
• Zombie Diaries
• Zombie Walk

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