Episode 7: Can you smell that Stink of Flesh?

In this episode, you get a sneek peak of what happens before and after the show (“How Dustin met Patty), Emily reports “in the field” (and Patrick pays for it dearly), we attempt to review the movie “Stink of Flesh” (guess what, it STUNK!), I further explain my disapointment with the boardgame ZOMBIES, mention four free Zombie RPGs, discover another zombie podcast and hear part 2 of Night of the Living Gallagher’s on-going story “The Thaw.” I would like to give a special thanks to Night of the Living Gallagher for his story submissions and thanks to the Fried Geek for his technical advice and my blog page (did I mention that I have a blog? The link is on the right by our MySpace link). Thank you to everyone for listening. Every listener is a potential survivor..... or zombie....whatever.

Any questions, comments, ideas or insults, please (PLEASE!!!!!!) e-mail us at: zomcast@cox.net

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