ZomCast Promo #2

Hello everyone! It looks like I have a new co-host: Patrick O'Deadly. He will be joining us on the next episode, which happens to be our Christmas episode. We will have gift ideas for those zombie lovers, zombie X-mas carols and the first part of an original story by Rafael Tehan (and read by Sara Finn of "Does My Geek Look Big in This?"). Hopefully this will be out in less than two weeks (baring any zombie outbreaks).

Oh BTW, we have a new e-mail for the ZomCast, so please send any e-mails to zomcast@cox.net

In the mean time, please enjoy this new promo for the ZomCast. Thanks to my wife, Mrs. of the Dead, and to Emily for helping with the promo. To hear the 2nd promo, go to ZomCast's MySpace page


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