The Zombie Apocalypes and You

Happy New Year fellow zombie hunters! We will be back in a week or so and it will be all about getting a head start on the zom-pocalypse. In the coming episodes we will have lots of survival tips, book & movie reviews, game reviews like "All Flesh Must be Eaten" and the "Army of Darkness Card game" (and other free on-line RPG games). We will be adding a few new segments like "Ask a Crazy NRA Guy" and "Listener Feedback" ( please e-mail us at: ). So stay tuned!

In the mean time, here is an excellent survival movie by those crazy kids of "The Day Job." The Zombie Apocalypes & You

Check out the rest of their movies when you get a chance.

Here are pictures of Mrs. of the Dead and I at the annual "Gamers & Goths New Year's Party" in Dallas, Texas. Guess what we came as? The sad thing about the party was all of the people who came as "gamers" were too lazy to dress up and came as themselves (except for "Dungeon Master Russell" in his cape and aviator hat). We heard more Weird Al Yankovic than we could handle (one song is all we can handle). Thank god there was Bauhaus' music to counter it.

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