It has been fun, but we gotta go….

Hey everyone. We have been trying to get out another episode for the past two weeks, but despite our best efforts it is just not working (there are many reasons for each one of us).

Thank you: to Sarah and Nev for encouraging me to start this up, Rafael for your great story, Fried Geek for your story and help, Gallagher for your stories and for putting up with me, to all the podcasts that played our promos, to everyone who wrote in to tell us nice and not so nice things, to Root Rot for your support, to my wife for putting up with all of this, even though the only zombie movie you ever liked was Shawn of the Dead, to Emily for joining us and adding your wonderful voice to the show, to Patrick for making the show 100% better, to the zomcast choral society, to Lord Old Skull, to Badhammer, to Phazedout of the Phazecast and to everyone who listened. So many people contributed to this, so I am very sorry if we missed anyone.

We might be back, we might not. This web site will at least be up for a few months.

Wear heavy gloves and aim for the head.


Dustin (aka "of the Dead")


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