Another body for the fire…

Well, I have resigned to the fact that ZomCast will never come back in the way it was (I was committed, but the other two were not). I had been entertaining the idea of having ZomCast a podcast the has a bunch of zombie short stories, but it would end up being me just reading them (once again, I did not want to do this by myself). I have been asked to do a news segment for Dr. Pus's Library of the Living Dead podcast and so I will see how this goes (sometimes, there is not enough news from week to week). Never the less, I am excited to be on someone else's show, so wish me luck!

The good news is that a zombie video cast has gone up and I am very excited to see what they will be like. They are called The Dead Report. See, with more and more zombie shows popping up, the ZomCast is pretty much not needed.0


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