Episode 2 (November 20th, 2006)

• November 20th, 2006

Z'notes (ZomCast Show Notes):

It's here! Sorry for the delay! In this episode we have plenty of zombie movie announcements, reporting from a "zombie outbreak," two free games (Xombie RPG & Dawn of the Dead board game), I talk with my state rep and give thanks to all those who supported the first episode.

I seem to be limited to 34 minutes of recording time, so I am sorry that I did not read the e-mails and feedback (I will shorten the intro next time). I also was going to review the powerful drink called "Zombie: Awake the Dead" (my head is still buzzing). I would like to also thank Patrick, Emily and John for your help on the recording.

I am looking for people to do game reviews (board, RPG and video). If you are interested and have the ability to record your own review, please e-mail me at zomcast@cox.net. If anyone wants to contribute to the show in general (articles, e-mails, whatever), e-mail me too: zomcast@cox.net

Dawn of the Dead board game (go to the games link)First week on the set of "Diary of the Dead"Fangoria's review of Night of the Living Dead 3DGenre Busters's Podcast zombie movie show: ZomcastGreek zombie film: "Evil"How to make your child look "zombiefied" using PhotoShopZOMBIES ON A MOTHER FUCKING PLANE!?! (Plane Zombie)Pseudopod #6: "What Dead People are Supposed to Do"28 Weeks Later trailerWushu gaming systemXombie Play by post RPGWicked Little ThingsBoardgame Geek's "Zombie Plague" page

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Looking for Fan Submitted stuff!

• November 14th, 2006

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for listening to this show. Sara from the podcast "Does My Geek Look Big in This" suggested that I ask my wonderful listeners to email me about zombie related things in the news. I can read those on each show.

Also, if anyone wants to submit any stories, news, music, ideas or whatever, please do. I will give you full credit and lots of praise. E-mail me at: zomcast@hotmail.com

Thanks to the podcasts Lipstick Aliens, Fried Geek and Does My Geek Look Big in This? for promoting my humble little show.

Stay tuned for Episode 2! I will record that this weekend.


Episode 1 (November 1st, 2006)

• November 2nd, 2006

Z'notes ("ZomCast show notes")

On this first episode, I review the podcast "Alive Inside" by Darker Projects, review the board game "Mall of Horror," give a survival tip and share a song of mine that would sound great in a zombie movie.

If you have any questions of comments please contact me at zomcast@cox.net

Alive Inside by Darker ProjectsBoardgame Geek's "Mall of Horror" pageDay of the Dead Trailer on Movie WebNews of "Diary of the Dead" from FangoriaAsmodee Editions (makers of "Mall of Horror")Escape Pod #39: My Friend is a Lesbian ZombieSteve Niles Blog comments on the comic "28 Days Later: Aftermath"Read the first issue of "Walking Dead" hereXombie the online Flash cartoonZombie DiariesZombie Walk

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• October 20th, 2006

To hear the promo, go to ZomCast's MySpace page Stay tuned!


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