For this episode, the ladies of ZomCast decide to drop by for slumber party, the news goes on for way too long, Dustin reviews Severed: Forest of the Dead, we all review a game called ZOMBIES!!!, give survival tips on fortifying your apartment complex, Night of the Living Galaghar shares part 1 of his story "The Thaw," and Patrick admits he has been faking it all this time.

About 30 seconds of the beginning (right before the news) was cut out for some reason and I am very sorry (GarageBand still has some problems).

Thank you everyone for putting up with us. We promise to investigate that "rabies incident" in Del City this week and report back to you guys for the next episode. Any questions, comments, ideas or insults, please e-mail us at: zomcast@cox.net

Zombie stripper! (thanks H.R. Tucker) • Zombie TownZOMBIES!!!Night of the Living Dead suppliment for GORE rpgTexas Zombie’s web siteRules for “Zombie Plauge” can be found here(thanks Selganor) • Cold War Minatureshas a ton of zombie minatures for your zombie gaming (thanks to NeilTheScorpion from the AFMBE forum for mentioning this) • The Podcast All Games Considered had a small play report about the roleplaying game “All Flesh Must Be Eaten.” • Fido’s ZomCom web site • Fido’s ZomCom info web site • Pics of Fido can be seen here • DIARY OF THE DEAD preview at Chicago Fango con!Yahoo Movies has an interview with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez about Grindhouse • Undead or Alive’s web sitePics of Undead or AliveWorst Case Scenario • Reese Eveneshen's upcoming 'Night Of The Living Dead' remake has a forum on Homepage of the DeadZombie FarmBook Review of “Undead” at Creature Corner • Xombie: Dead On Arrival the graphic novel for the on-line cartoon is now available onAmazon • NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD folks at Chicago Fango conWar of the UndeadZombies vs. Robots • On-Line Zombie Fiction Home Page of the Dead & AFMBE: Flesh FictionZombie Dodgeball • We would like to thank The Sound of Young America for use of the “Zombie Awareness Program” bumper! • Severed-Forest of the Dead • Night of the Living Galagher’s zombie campaign blog, MySpace page and Youtube page


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  • Jesse

    Thanks guys! - Jesse from The Sound of Young America

    Feb 13, 2007 at 3:09 pm
  • Old Lord Skull

    Keep up the great work, Dustin! I truly enjoy the stuff you and the gang put together!

    Feb 15, 2007 at 7:09 pm
  • FriedGeek

    Loving it. Keep it up.

    Here’s a Zombie tip for you. We all know that shotguns are great against zombies but what about the portability of a pistol? Well you can get what are called sabot rounds. Rather than a lead ball bullet it’s a plastic cup that you can fill up with shot and put a dab of hot glue or epoxy on the top. The plastic cup peels away when fired. This gives the balls of shot the same speed as whatever caliber you are firing. Now rather than a single lead ball that may just clip off an undead ear you have a cloud of shot that has a wider strike pattern. That same ear shot would now take out the whole side of the head.

    Less accuracy needed, smaller size weapon, easier to control, carry more ammo = alive longer.

    Still alive, The FriedGeek

    Feb 21, 2007 at 12:24 pm