Episode 4: A Very Zombie Christmas Part 2

The Ladies of ZomCast take over in our second part to "A Very Zombie Christmas." We have part 2 of Rafael Tehan's story "The Stench," and a short story by the Fried Geek called "Zombie Santa." Our very own Patrick O'Deadly reads one of his stories called "Tim the Zombie Killer."

WARNING! This episode contains lots and lots of violence! Of course it is aimed mostly at me, but Patrick gets a few bites of a back-hand sandwich too.

I would like to thank Raphael Tahan, Sarah Finn, Fried Geek, Patrick Porche and the ZomCast Coral Society: Mark, Leah, John, Emily, Dustin, Patrick, Christi, and the Mighty Juan (aka "El Tigger"). Thank you to all of the podcasts that played our promos and thank you to all of those who have down loaded our shows. Every listener is a potential survivor..... or potential zombie.

Enjoy the fluff episodes of the holidays because when we come back in mid-January (baring any zom-pocalypse) it will be all about kicking some zombie ass. So eat, drink and have a merry Christmas, because by Easter, there might be more than Jesus rising....

Any questions, comments, ideas or insults, please e-mail us at: zomcast@cox.net

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  • ComputerKing

    Another Deadly Good Show, folks, although unless I’m mistaken, someone refered to a show called “Into the Black” Instead of Into the Dark. Was it a slip, or is there a new Firefly podcast I haven’t heard of before?

    Dec 26, 2006 at 11:41 pm
  • zomcast

    OH BALLS! I am sooooooo sorry! Yes, it was supposed to be “Into the Dark.” Well, at least we got it right for Ep.#3. I guess I was thinking of the Serenity RPG game when I had Dead Like Emily do the shout outs.

    Speaking of Firefly, In case you have not heard it, “Tales from the Verse” is a great Firefly Fiction Podcast.

    Once again, I am sorry. Thank you for the kind words.

    Dec 27, 2006 at 12:38 am