Episode 2 (November 20th, 2006)

Z'notes (ZomCast Show Notes):

It's here! Sorry for the delay! In this episode we have plenty of zombie movie announcements, reporting from a "zombie outbreak," two free games (Xombie RPG & Dawn of the Dead board game), I talk with my state rep and give thanks to all those who supported the first episode.

I seem to be limited to 34 minutes of recording time, so I am sorry that I did not read the e-mails and feedback (I will shorten the intro next time). I also was going to review the powerful drink called "Zombie: Awake the Dead" (my head is still buzzing). I would like to also thank Patrick, Emily and John for your help on the recording.

I am looking for people to do game reviews (board, RPG and video). If you are interested and have the ability to record your own review, please e-mail me at zomcast@cox.net. If anyone wants to contribute to the show in general (articles, e-mails, whatever), e-mail me too: zomcast@cox.net

Dawn of the Dead board game (go to the games link)First week on the set of "Diary of the Dead"Fangoria's review of Night of the Living Dead 3DGenre Busters's Podcast zombie movie show: ZomcastGreek zombie film: "Evil"How to make your child look "zombiefied" using PhotoShopZOMBIES ON A MOTHER FUCKING PLANE!?! (Plane Zombie)Pseudopod #6: "What Dead People are Supposed to Do"28 Weeks Later trailerWushu gaming systemXombie Play by post RPGWicked Little ThingsBoardgame Geek's "Zombie Plague" page


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  • FriedGeek

    Great episode! I loved the interview. You mentioned Christmas and that made me think of something I posted on the Exanimus forums months ago…

    (The following may be graphic, duh.)

    The hair on the back of Randy’s neck would have stood up had they not been impeded by the sticky sweat and grime of the last week. The impression still reached his brain, behind you. He spun around almost to quickly, his pack flopping wildly, almost loosing his balance. The sight that shambled toward him was so odd that the barrel of his sawed off drooped as his shock-addled mind took it in.

    The garish color of the clothing struck him first. He had become used to seeing the filthy clothes of the zombies, caked with dried blood and gore, coats torn in places to show the horror underneath. There had even been that old naked guy two days ago, who came at him foaming red from the mouth and nose, but this, this was something … new.

    He… IT, had a pronounced twist to its stance as it moved, it’s right side seeming to struggle with some burden. The left arm was intact but the hand that it held out, clutching at the air that separated it from Randy was dark, blood tinged the white, fuzzy cuff of the sleeve. The right arm and leg were ravaged; the red velvet of its left pant leg showing a calf that looked oddly clean compared to the rest of the creature.

    Its head gleamed with a dark slickness; the fake white beard stained and spattered red where it seemed to clutch at the thing’s neck. Randy saw what it was pulling at its right side. A large candy stripped bag had it’s gold tasseled draw string tangled around him at his right hip. Brightly wrapped boxes with ribbons filled the obscenely cheerful sack.

    Randy shook his head slightly, and unconsciously mumbled,


    Santa gurgled and sputtered. The sound woke Randy from his daze with a blink. The sawed off found it’s mark and roared, the sound loud in the smooth hallway. The white beard flipped up wildly and Santa fell back on his sack of toys and didn’t stir.

    After a moment Randy glanced quickly up and down the hall then back to the body in the fuzzy red suite.

    “Merry &*@#ing Christmas.”

    Nov 28, 2006 at 2:47 pm
  • zomcast

    DAMN! That was good! Thank you for sharing that with us! I think I am going to contact you privately to see if maybe we can tell that story at the end of the X-mass show. We will then have two stories! Merry F@#$ing Christmas….I love it!

    Nov 28, 2006 at 5:33 pm
  • PiperKev

    Good show, D!! Is it coincidence that I thought of you the other day when my eyes struck upon “The Zombie Survival Guide” in a bookstore I was in?? I don’t think so!!! ;-)

    Cheers, K

    Dec 6, 2006 at 3:57 pm
  • zomcast

    I strive to be like Ash, but end up being more like Shawn.

    Dec 7, 2006 at 11:14 am